I am Hamid Ghadamgahi Sani. founder, Director and career counselor of Pars Career consultation & International recruitment office that is located in Iran. We active in private sector with license and authorization from Iran's ministry of Labor.

I assist Iranian applicants (skilled workers /professionals and graduates) that would like to study, train and work in foreign countries like Australia, Canada and Germany via study, skilled worker or training pathways as Independent or sponsored visas. I have up 8 years' experience in this field and about 16 years' experience as a national office recruiter. We present quality services to our clients in collaboration with the help of some partners in these countries.

As a national recruiter, I can provide good advices and services for Workforce supply and legal supports to the foreign employers (firms & companies) that have started or want to start their projects in Iran. Some of these services are:

  • To search and employ qualified candidates.
  • Legal supports and advisory in social security & work conditions.
  • To estimate about Human Resources needed and related cost.
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Hamid Gh.Sani
Address : No,203 in Farshe Kavir Yazd Building-Ahmadabad ST- Taghi Abad SQ-Mashhad-Iran.
Tel: 009838456223 & 38438629
Fax: 009838425119
Website: www.parscareer.com
Email: parscareer@gmail.com & info@parscareer.com
Mobile: 00989153119380
Agent in Europe : Mr. Mossa Sany, Tel :0049-5041-770-8837 Email: mosani_1999@yahoo.com , Germany