Pars International Employment & Occupation Counselling Agency
Company profile
Registration No:A/1/89
Issued by: Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Iran

Company Services:

1-supply manpower for the Iranian companies and employers.

2- Exporting Iranian jobseekers for residence and work in other countries
Who are including:
- General practitioners.
- Technician & Engineers.
- Trade workers.
3- Workforce supply and legal supports for the foreign employers (firms & companies) starting their projects in Iran. Some of these services:
- to search and employ quilified candidates.
- legal supports and advisory in social security & work conditions.

Mr.Hamid Ghadamgahi sani
MS in management (Entrepreneurship and new business).

Work history:
8 years.

6 people (full time) and having 2 agents in Germany and Australia.

Head office :No,71-Esteghlal Ave-Mashhad-Iran.
Tel:00985116085221 Fax:00985116085222

Agent in Europe : Mr. Mossa Sany, Tel :0049-5041-770-8837 Email: , Germany